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Selecting the best kind of Anchors for your boat is often one of the most important decisions you will need to make. The type of bottom - mud, grass, sand, coral or rock - will dictate your different choices of Anchors. At Bestdockaccessories we strive in offering a variety of the most common anchor styles. Search our selection now.
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Most boating experts agree that, for greatest anchoring security, you should carry two Anchors - of different styles - one of each. The type of
bottom will dictate your different choices of Anchors as will the size and windage of the boat, the wind conditions and the seastate. some anchoring situations also call for more than one anchor to be used.

You sometimes need to set two Anchors in a crowded anchorage, with anchors at the bow and the stern of the boat to limit its ability to swing. In heavy weather conditions, where one anchor may not have enough holding power, setting a second anchor may be critical to staying put. Remember that as the wind speed doubles the force on the boat (and the ground tackle system) increases by four times.

Bestdockaccessories strives in offering a variety of the most common anchor styles and welcome your feedback on additional products you would like to see.